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Nurses from all over the world gather on Capitol Hill

Global Frontline Nurses planned a demonstration on Capitol Hill in January. They alleged that the government concealed facts regarding the pandemic and fraud. In addition, they asserted that hospitals misled the public over the outbreak. Although the Global Frontline Nurses do not represent the Mani…

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How to Choose a Practitioner of Holistic Health Care

Choosing a holistic health care practitioner based on their reputation, credentials, and experience is essential. Most people choose doctors based on where they live or which insurance company they have, but it's essential to do your research and ask for recommendations. You can also read reviews fr…

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Taking on the Role of Nurse in a Pandemic

Taking care of patients during a pandemic can be stressful and upsetting for nurses. Nurses frequently spend more time directly caring for patients than physicians do and are frequently required to learn new methods of care. The emotional and physical health of nurses may suffer as a result of these…

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