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Nurses from all over the world gather on Capitol Hill

Global Frontline Nurses planned a demonstration on Capitol Hill in January. They alleged that the government concealed facts regarding the pandemic and fraud. In addition, they asserted that hospitals misled the public over the outbreak. Although the Global Frontline Nurses do not represent the Manitoba Nurses Union, their activities indicate that their objectives do not align with those of Canadian patients. The organization has a webpage where people can give to their mission.

Lack of resources is one of the difficulties faced by frontline nurses. It is difficult to give the sick quality treatment due to a lack of resources. The inadequacy of supplies, medicines, and manpower makes the task more difficult. However, nurses have a strong feeling of duty to safeguard patients' health. The culture of their organization also influences their professional dedication.

The Global Frontline Nurses organization established a Canadian section in 2017. It is approximately a year older than Canadian Frontline Nurses. It was established by a group of Ontario-based nurses. There are also Kristen Nagle, a neonatal intensive care unit nurse, and Sarah Choujounian, a licensed practical nurse. The organization's website features healthy recipes and diet advice.

The event was also organized by the Global Frontline Nurses organization. Two Ontario nurses who attended the march in Washington, D.C. are being examined by Ontario's nursing authority. They made baseless assertions regarding fraud and erroneously asserted that hospitals were lying about the pandemic and concealing the facts about the infection's spread. The College of Nurses is presently conducting an investigation into both women.

As frontline employees of the global health system, nurses face a number of obstacles. They must provide great care for patients while preventing infection. In addition, they must prepare for an outbreak or any other disease that could overwhelm healthcare systems. They must ensure the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitary supplies. Additionally, they must give screening information, confinement standards, and triage processes based on the most recent recommendations.

These narratives are important resources for a debriefing for frontline nurses. They may also act as a source of self-strengthening and comprehension for other frontline nurses engaged in global public health crises. Online communities of professional support are vital for comprehending these experiences for frontline nurses. In addition, they serve as a valuable resource for knowing how to promote the health and well-being of the workforce.

In response to the introduction of vaccine passports in Canada, the Canadian Frontline Nurses have also organized a series of rallies. In addition to raising reservations about the vaccine passport scheme, the Nurses blasted "anti-public health" falsehoods and promised Canadians that they would rely on science to defend themselves.

The two nurses are members of nursing community in Ontario and have been featured in American media. In recent months, both nurses have participated in demonstrations against masks. The London Health Sciences Center employee Nagle was charged with breaking Ontario law and faces the possibility of a criminal sentence. She was subsequently fired.

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